Family Fitness Week at Mateera Family Hotel

Active time for the whole family

One week of gymnastics, dancing and relaxing - laughing and romping together. You can expect different units for moms + dads with baby as well as for toddlers and older children.

Combine your vacation week at Hotel Mateera with selected units with trainer Natalie Zierer. She is a licensed fitness trainer, pre- and postnatal trainer (also in water), buggyFit trainer, nutritionist, health advisor for pregnant women as well as course trainer for children's courses, including Wobbelturnen Kids and nappydancers.

Participation is free of charge.

  • 7 climate-neutral overnight stays
  • Incl. fam so good package
  • Incl. participation in the fitness workshop
  • Professional child care in the fantasy workshop
  • Varied parent-child experiences
  • Comfortable baby smile package
  • Free participation
  • All Mateera benefits
Price from EUR 742,- p. a. 

Did you like buggyFit on vacation and want to continue it at home? Have a look at the site and maybe there is buggyFit in your area


Extract from the weekly program:

  • Stretch & Relax
  • Pelvic floor workout
  • buggyFit®️
  • Ma-Pa Workout Intensive
  • nappydancers®️
  • Wobble gymnastics

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