Gargellen - where life tells
The Miorama by Daniel Nikolaus Kocher
A whole village packs together
Stop for a bite to eat at the Ronggalpe
Window to You - Immersion in Nature

Gargellner Window Path

A whole village pitches in together and brings an old path back to life


The Gargellner way

Gargellen has just under 100 inhabitants. The bond is great. With the place, nature and the people who live here. Everything that is done is done the "Gargellen way". In a total of 5 joint actions, the Gargellen villagers themselves recultivated a fantastically laid-out circular hiking trail through the forest and mountain meadows on the Gargellen Maisäß plain. Young and old worked side by side to straighten paths, put up benches, fell trees or create viewing windows. Whoever embarks on the path will not only witness an exciting journey through time, but will also feel the heart and soul of the people of Gargell during the creation of the path.

Impressive highlights await you along the trail, such as a lime kiln from the 19th century, an old stable on the Rüti, which is a contemporary witness of "three-step farming". On the Ronggalpe you will find the oldest settlement stable in Gargellen and at the same time you can look forward to perfect hospitality. Above the Röbi Maisäß is the artwork Miorama by the Tyrolean artist Daniel Nikolaus Kocher. 

Window to You

Self-awareness in the nature of Gargellen

We Gargellner love the mountains, forests, streams and lakes of our homeland. For us, nature is an important source of strength, a valuable companion, mirror of our soul and teacher. 

In the small booklet "Window to You" you will find selected questions, mindfulness exercises and meditations. They are an invitation to experience nature in Gargellen in a mindful and conscious way, to feel and understand life. Take this booklet with you on your Gargellen window path and look for quiet, peaceful places of strength in the Gargellen mountains. We wish you powerful "Gargellen moments" in harmony with nature.