Booking conditions and cancellation policy

Familyholidays in the hotel Mateera

Sometimes unexpected events can occur which mean your hotly anticipated stay may have to be interrupted. You are unable to travel as planned and have to cancel.
You can cancel up to three months in advance of your scheduled check-in date  without incurring charges.

After this point we will levy a charge in case of cancellations:

  • 30 days before scheduled check-in date the cancellation is for free
  • 30 to 7 nights before scheduled check-in date - 30%
  • Less than a week before scheduled check-in date - 70%

The cancellation terms(§5) in the General Terms and Conditions for the Austrian Hotel Industry (AGBH) 2006 apply.

In partnership with Europäischen Reiseversicherungs AG we can offer Travel Secure, an attractive insurance package with holiday cancellation and curtailment cover.  Should you wish to take advantage of this offer, please let us know when you book. We will gladly give you more detailed information. You can of course arrange you own holiday cancellation and curtailment insurance over the internet.

Book you holiday cancellation insurance here.