Flying Fox in the Vergaldner Wäldle
The climbing 1 x 1 with adventure guide Wolfi
Pure nature for parents + kids
First familiarise yourself with the equipment

Nature climbing adventure with adventure guide Wolfgang Schallert

Unforgettable experiences for the whole family

Every Monday you experience a unique nature and climbing adventure with adventure guide Wolfi and host Michal directly in the Gargellner mountains.

After a good introduction to the 1x1 of climbing with dry runs, step training and balance training at the hotel, you will receive helmets, climbing harnesses and neoprene shoes. Together you will then head off into the magical "Vergaldner Wäldle". Here Wolfi and Michal accompany you canyoning through the Vergaldner Bach. The highlight is the "Flying Fox" over the stream. Who dares? 

In addition to courage, skill and exercise in the great outdoors, you can look forward to a social get-together.

Dates 2023: every Monday in summer from 03.07. to 04.09.2023 and in autumn 02.10.23.+.09.10.23