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Science Lab Workshop

Research week for young explorers

During the Science Lab week, children and young people explore phenomena from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and much more.

The 5 experimental workshops are led by Science Lab course leader Dr Heike Jürgens. The children take centre stage and are guided in a playful and creative way to find their own answers to everyday phenomena. The topics of the week include

  • Electricity: Why does the lamp light up when I switch on the light? How can electricity flow everywhere? Where can we find electricity in nature?

  • Air: What is air? Where can I find air everywhere?

  • Sound: How does sound reach my ear? In what other ways can we perhaps perceive sounds?

  • Magnets: Why does a magnet stick to the fridge? What happens inside a magnet to make it work? How can a magnet perhaps even help me to walk?

Participation in the workshop is free of charge!

Science Lab

free participation

from 0.- per adult

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Science Lab

The non-profit educational institution has set itself the goal of strengthening enthusiasm for science and encouraging children's curiosity. In numerous projects as well as research days and weeks, Science Lab instructors are committed to promoting scientific understanding in our society.

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