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Summer highlights at Mateera

"I want to leave!"
"Where do you want to go?"
"I want to go to Gargellen!"

At Mateera you will experience a summer like in Bullerbü. The children have nothing else to do but play in the great outdoors all day long. And you can be a child again! Here you can simply be yourself again.

Nature climbing adventure in the Vergaldner forest

Every Monday you can experience a unique nature and climbing adventure with adventure guide Wolfi and host Michal directly in the Gargellner mountains.

After a thorough introduction to the basics of climbing with dry runs, step training and balance training at the hotel, you will receive helmets, climbing harnesses and neoprene shoes. Together we then head off into the magical "Vergaldner Wäldle". Here, Wolfi and Michal will accompany you canyoning through the Vergaldner stream. The highlight is the "Flying Fox" over the stream. Who dares?

In addition to courage, skill and exercise in the great outdoors, you can look forward to a sociable get-together.

Sunrise hike

Michal Matejko is not only a very good host, he is also a great mountain lover and sportsman. Enjoy the clear morning sky with him and experience how the first rays of sunlight bathe the peaks in warm light. A perfect opportunity to feel the silence of nature and greet the day with fresh mountain air.

Campfire conviviality

In our hectic everyday lives, we often lack the time to simply linger in the moment, engage in new encounters and laugh. And without the distraction of emails, phone calls or social media. Just be in the here and now and live life.

Alpe Vergalden

Every week we visit the Alpe Vergalden in Gargellen. We are delighted to receive a warm welcome from Daniel Mangeng. He tells us impressively about his life as a dairyman. How many cows live on the alp? How is cheese produced? All questions are answered. And, of course, all the products can be tasted and purchased. Including the award-winning "Sure Kees" - a Montafon specialty.

Torchlight hike

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of a summer torchlight hike! Join us as the sun slowly sets and darkness envelops the mountains. Everyone receives a glowing torch to light the way and create a very special atmosphere. Together we explore the summery mountain landscape, listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the starry sky. An unforgettable evening activity that combines coziness and closeness to nature.

Logo Family hotel Mateera
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