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Indoor and outdoor
playing areas.

We want to romp around and have lots of adventures.

So much space! For adventure, playmates, lots of nature, real animals and many unforgettable moments. The various play areas at the Mateera family hotel are just waiting to be discovered and conquered. From the adventure playground right next to the hotel to the rabbit villa and herb garden. There's never a dull moment at the Mateera. Guaranteed!

And that's all for us?

  • fam creativ for handicrafts with natural materials, free play in the doll- or building- block corner, reading stories and for the very youngest there is the baby area

  • fam Enjoy the children's restaurant for supervised children's meals

  • fam Free play near the hotel bar - for minis & maxis and their parents

  • fam Nature playground at the hotel with playhouse, soccer goals, slack-line, seesaw, trampoline, sandpit, swing, rabbit villa, giant slide and campfire area.

Fun, nature and adventure!

The Minis, Maxis, youngsters and teenagers are in good hands at the Fantasy Workshop, the active childcare facility at the Mateera Family Hotel.

New friends

Explore the surroundings of the hotel in Gargellen together, discover the secrets of the forest, romp around freely and at ease. And when it gets uncomfortable or dark outside, the various play areas of the Fantasy Workshop invites you to develop your own individual skills.

Plenty of space to play with new friends

The natural playground around the Mateera invites you to play together. There are meadows, woods and streams to discover in the immediate vicinity.

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Stress-free family vacation

Sleep-in service for mom and dad and much more. Vacationing with children is like a child's play at the fam hotels. Just enjoy without any worries!

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