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Parent-child adventures in an outdoor setting

Unforgettable moments of happiness
at the family hotel Mateera.

There is often a lack of time in hectic everyday life. This makes it even more important to take time for each other on vacation and promote real family experiences. At the family hotel Mateera, numerous events invite you to share experiences and get to know playmates and like-minded people. Because we firmly believe that real adventures not only bring people together, but also strengthen the parent-child relationship.

Valuable time together. Feel the family.

Immerse yourself in the multi-faceted weekly program of the family hotel Mateera, which is packed with exciting activities for parents and children. These shared moments will create lasting memories that will stay with you as a family for a long time and brings a big smile to your faces.

  • Mountain BBQ with stick bread + grilling sausages at the campfire

  • Adventurous torchlight hike

  • Nature Olympics

  • Raclette on the terrace

  • Fun in the snow on a tobogganing afternoon

  • Wood workshop - we build a birdhouse

  • and many other family highlights.

Real adventures, nature at its closest and precious family moments!

Climate-friendly accommodation. For many years, we have been committed to climate protection, biodiversity, regionality, resource conservation and social interaction.

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Logo Family hotel Mateera
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