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Winter highlights at Mateera

Winter at Mateera.
Unique. Unforgettable. Familiar.

In winter, look forward to a convivial raclette party on the snow-covered terrace. Explore the magical winter landscape on an adventurous torchlight hike and spend some time at the wonderful natural playground directly behind the hotel. The morning fam shuttle to the valley station ensures a relaxed start to your family ski day!

Evening torchlight hike

Immerse yourself in the winter magic of a torchlight hike!

The soft glow of the torches creates a romantic atmosphere as you walk through the wintry landscape. A torchlight hike not only promises a sensual adventure, but also the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of winter to the full. Immerse yourself in the silence of the snow-covered landscape while the flickering flames light your way.

Convivial raclette fun

Delicious Vorarlberg cheese

The snow-covered Mateera terrace provides the perfect setting for the weekly raclette party. Under a clear starry sky, surrounded by snow, friends and family gather to enjoy melted cheese and delicious side dishes. The crackling of the fire, the laughter of the guests and the wintry atmosphere create an unforgettable, cozy tradition that pampers palates and hearts alike.

Mateera nature playground

This is how winter should be

The Mateera Nature Playground stretches right behind the hotel up to the tree line and presents an enchanting snowy landscape that offers a paradise for all ages. Here, children, teenagers and adults alike can unleash their wintry playfulness.

Whether it's tobogganing, building snow igloos or creating snow angels under the clear winter sky - the possibilities are endless in this natural playground. The untouched blanket of snow invites you to experience the pure joy of winter to the full.

fam shuttle to the valley station

For a relaxed start to the ski day

For a relaxed start to your skiing day, the shuttle service to the valley station and Kinderland is at your disposal. From Sunday to Friday, either your host Michal Matejko or senior manager Edwin Berthold will personally chauffeur you to the Gargellen cable car valley station, which is just 700 meters away. On this short ride, you will always get the latest tips from the experienced mountain experts.

After an exciting day on the slopes, you can then comfortably ski back to the hotel doorstep. We wish you an enjoyable skiing adventure!

Logo Family hotel Mateera
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