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fam - more family, more vacation

Family vacations in the mountains.
Unforgettable, carefree, natural and active

There is often a lack of time in our hectic everyday lives. Time for each other and also time for yourself. This is why the fam - more family more vacation initiative was launched by the Schwärzler family in 2003. Joint parent-child experiences, a nature-oriented children's programme in the Fantasy Workshop and numerous family services make for a relaxing family holiday in the mountains.

fam - more family, more vacation

You too can be part of fam! Our initiative is constantly evolving thanks to your suggestions and experiences. And so, for over 20 years, we have been working daily and wholeheartedly on perfecting the fam family holiday. A big thank you to our unique fam guests.

Sincerely, Andrea Schwärzler - Initiator of the fam Hotels

With their concept, the fam family hotels show a way to get by without rushing.

It takes into consideration the needs of the whole family as well as those of each individual. Less, but more intensive is the motto. With a wide variety of options for shared experiences and optimum childcare, the focus is on exercise and sport as well as rest and relaxation. And all without artificial additives, but with plenty of tastes, lots of fun and the best ingredients from nature. A family vacation for the benefit of all.

Childcare in the fantasy workshop

At the fam Fantasy Workshop, which focuses on "Discovering nature through play", your little ones will be professionally looked after by specially trained childcare staff. The majority of the children's program takes place outdoors. The children get to know nature and experience a variety of adventures.

fam Fantasy Workshop

Parent-child experiences

Too little time for each other? Where has the day gone? Where has the week gone? Families often lack shared experiences and moments of relaxation in their hectic everyday lives. It is important to the fam family hotels in Austria to close this gap. Numerous organized activities during your vacation invites you to strengthen family bonds and intensify the parent-child relationship.

Parent-child experiences

fam vital

fam Vital is based on the 3 pillars of nutrition, exercise and relaxation and is practiced in the fam family hotels as an exciting mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application: 5 a day | vital meals | salad buffet | sports offers | family hikes | family Kneipp sessions (treading water) | yoga week | daily apple basket | fruit in childcare | healthy drinks and much more.

Time for you. Time for me.

"I finally want to sleep in again!"

Thanks to the sleep-in service for parents, this is possible in the fam hotels! While your children are picked up from their rooms by the fam guides, have breakfast and discover the hotel, you can finally sleep in together.

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